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Gordon Proctor & Associates, Inc.


About Me

Professional Consulting

Since 2007, I've served the Federal Highway Administration, the Transportation Research Board, state transportation departments, the Strategic Highway Research Program, the National Highway Institute, and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. My services have included transportation asset management, strategic planning, risk management, and developing long-term financial sustainability measures. I've successfully completed more than 40 assignments for State and National clients. I have been one of the most widely published authors in the field of risk, asset management, and financial planning for highway transportation. From 1991 to 2007 I served at the Ohio Department of Transportation. At ODOT, I was the deputy director of planning, chief of staff, and for eight years, director.

Contact Me

7825 Wiltshire Drive
Dublin, Ohio, 43016


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My Services

Asset Management, Risk Management, Strategic Planning

The research and guidance I have helped produced have advanced the practices of managing transportation assets, assessing risks, and advancing the performance of the nation's highway system.

Transportation Asset Management

I and my colleague Shobna Varma have produced for FHWA some of its leading reports and guidance on transportation asset management. We produced for FHWA its first reports on assessing financial performance measures, integrating risk management, and developing long-term financial plans for managing highways. 

Risk Management

I was the co-author of the nation's first risk management guide for state transportation departments. I've also contributed to FHWA guidance on how to incorporate risk management into the long-term planning for the highway system.

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