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Gordon Proctor & Associates, Inc.

Improving the Management of the Nation's Transportation System


My Work

I specialize in finding best management practices from the private sector and demonstrating how they can contribute to better management of the nation's transportation system.

Long-Term Financial Planning

This report for FHWA demonstrated how transportation agencies can develop long-term financial sustainability measures. It borrowed practices from the private sector and best practices from transportation agencies in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. This report demonstrated how U.S. transportation departments can measure the degree to which their investments ensure the sustainability of their highway conditions.


Managing Risks to Highway Assets

This was one of five reports for FHWA that I contributed to which describe how to use risk management to assess the resilience of highway assets. We demonstrated how risk-based programs can help transportation agencies assess and manage risks from natural and man-made disasters.

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Transportation Asset Management Plans

I was part of a team that helped the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority develop a 10-year asset management plan as part of its long-term recovery from Hurricane Maria and the island's bankruptcy. Included in the effort was development of a 5-year capital improvement program approved by the island's bankruptcy oversight board. The plan also includes in-depth analysis of the condition of Puerto Rico's pavements and bridges and the types of projects needed to restore them to good condition.


Consulting Services

Managing Risks and Achieving Objectives

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Risk Management

Provide Risk Management Tools

I and my colleague Shobna Varma developed the nation's first risk management guide for transportation agencies. It was developed for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and then was adopted as the official risk management guide for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.


Performance Management 

Best Practice Examples

This report described a set of national performance measures to assess the performance of the freight transportation system. It examined how a national dashboard of freight movement performance measures could be developed.


Advancing the State of the Practice

Applying Best Practices

I have been fortunate to work on some of the leading issues facing U.S. transportation departments. My services have included supporting State and Federal transportation agencies in managing performance, assessing risks, analyzing their financial sustainability, and capturing best practices from around the world. This image captures just a few of the reports and guidance documents I have produced or contributed to.



Since 2007 I have served the Federal Highway Administration, Transportation Research Board, Strategic Highway Research Program, the National Highways Institute, state transportation departments, and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.  From 1991 to 2007 I served at the Ohio Department of Transportation. At ODOT, I was the deputy director for planning, chief of staff, and for eight years, director. While director, ODOT was awarded for its performance management processes that reduced crashes, improved highway conditions, and led to improved project delivery.

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